How to Become a New PMT Park

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New to running events? 

You are not required to use this form. Just if you need a starting point this form can help you. Feel free to make changes on the form to make it your own or use it the same as what it states. 

We thank the Holland Western Horse Park for making this template for us!

Feel free to look at all parks paperwork. However, please try to make your forms and flyers unique to your park. If they all look the same people may mistake them to be a different park. 

PDF Template for Setting up events - Entry Forms

WORD Template for Setting up events - Entry forms

When creating documents, be sure to be consistent. 

Use the name PMT Challenge for all of your challenges so competitors know it is a certified show challenge

Use the terms "Mountain Trail Challenge" on your paperwork 

Use the PMT logo, if you need it emailed to you, please ask 

All these will help draw people to your park when looking up challenges. 

Every Park will have 1 double point show with PMT, they cannot overlap another show. Double points mean it is counted like the person went to 2 shows. We require 5 shows to be in the running for the PMT awards, this would actually allow competitors to only be required to be at 4 shows with one being the double point day making it 5 for them. **Each park will have their own rules if the show counts for double points for those personal parks awards as well or not.