Any time you work your horse you can count your hours for some great awards! Gound Work & Riding

Riding Horses

Any time you ride your horse you count hours. Hours count on the trails, in an arena, at a show (any type) or in the yard - you can count them. 

Can be on any horse. Trainers are welcome to be in this program as well

You do not have to show to earn hours

Ground Work with Horses

Any time you are doing ground work with your horse - Leading (working), showing, lunging or driving. All sizes of horses are welcome in the program 

(Things that do NOT count - Brushing, cleaning stalls, leading to and from pastures etc. Leading needs to be doing work with your horse like taking for a walk or showing in a in hand class)

Can be any horse. Trainers are welcome to be in this program as well 

You do not have to show to earn hours

Volunteer Hours 

At all PMT Parks you can earn hours when you Volunteer. These hours must be turned in as Volunteer hours and the facility in which they are earned at. 

Hours are counted just like riding hours and earned the same. 

You do not have to show or ride to earn awards. You can earn all of your hours Volunteering if you would want to. 

Hours can be Volunteering for anything at these facilities that is approved by the Park owner. Can be work days, other events then Mt Trail, Office work, Trail work...anything they are in need of that is agreed to by the park owners. 

Ride Program  - Count Riding, Ground Work and Volunteer Hours 

Each year at the annual banquet we will award all the mile marker prizes that you earned that past season.

Count hours from November 1st - October 31 each year. 

Turn in your hours no later then November 15th each year for them to be counted for that season. 

Why do we run November - October - this way we have time to order all of the awards for the Annual banquet in January. 

Just need to have a current membership to tally hours. Any hours before current membership do not count. 

Use Log that we provide. You can turn in your hours throughout the year if you want to, just all have to be in by November 15th. 

You do not have to do any competition to count your hours. You can just be a trail rider or a mini walker and enjoy our program!

Volunteer hours must be approved by the park owner.

Log Sheets are required to be turned in. Try to turn them in every 3 months or as often as you can

PMT Mile Marker Flyer 

PDF printable 

PMT Ride Program Flyer

PMT Log Sheet for Ride Hours

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PMT Log sheet

PMT Winners for 2021

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PMT 2022 Ride Program Winners